Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I was planning to keep my blog going on here back in May, what happened, I really do not know, I guess it got forgotten. Maybe because I have been so busy getting book 1 and 2 ready for release.

I am very happy to say that book1, of the Dream World series, which I have decided to call the whole series, Stargazer saga, and the first book be called Dream World. Book 2, I was not sure to call it daydreamer, I am thinking that may work best. And then from there, you will head to book 3. Mean Girls.

Right now, book 1 and 2, follow the same storyline, in the voice of the three main characters, but book 3, well that is not going to have three POV's. Instead, we will follow Karen's story.

I loved writing Karen, she turned out to be one of my favourite characters, if you had asked me a few years back, I would have not believed it myself.

Right now, book 2 is in the hands of my beta readers, and the few who have already finished it, have loved what they read. One loved the ending. I will add a few snippets and teasers of book 1, and book 2 as the days follow to the lead up to the release of book 1 as a self published author and then if all goes to plan, book 2.

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