Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wishing I had a stopwatch:

There are times like today, and well my day off on a Monday too, where I wish I could pause time just for a bit. I never seem to get very far with my plans. Its like I sit down, look at the clock and before I know it, two or more hours have passed, so not fair.

Today I got in, made my lunch, put some washing on, washed up, having to the boil the kettle as we ran out of gas and new bottles are coming tomorrow. Why did I not order them on Monday, oh yeah I was on here updating and going through Push with a friend. Which I am happy to say that went well and I have a plan of action, thank you Darcy. And even though we were nervous of doing a video chat via Facebook, it was really good. Two hours we chatted like that, awesome or what.

Back on topic and not wanting to bore you, but I already have one hour before the school run time. What do I have time to do, not much, but I will take a look at what I can work on tomorrow and at the weekend.

I think I will be using my speech program to read the novel back to me, don't want any more wrong words. 

My other plan is to find out what a street team is, and what they do, and if I have to pay for one. If you know, and would like to let me know, great, or you are one, and looking to add a Romance Author or YA, New Adult and Adult novels, let me know would love to chat about my options. 


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