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Which novel to work on after book 2 of Dream World, Yes there is a book 3, but I wanted to get another different one out there. So which one.

A single stand alone book, or another series, or should I simply do the single book and then the series. I would love them all to be released at some point, but what in order, does it matter?

Here is a little of Push, it is very rough, needs editing, but what do you guys think. Please comment. I need feedback. Also debating making it first person. I would love to hear what you think. Should I keep her the age she is, or older? I also am aware it needs more description, I will be working on that. I want to know, would you want to read more?

Prologue (I, S.J Hitchock own copyright to the chapter below and it may not be copied. I would be grateful for you keeping my hard work safe. If you would like to read more, the next three chapters can be found on -

Brianna Evans lay half asleep on her bed watching a movie, as a niggling pain hit her.   Pulling the duvet up around her body she fought against the pain, muffling the sound as she buried her head in her pillow.  It was the same every month, but this pain was different, intense.  Since she was a few weeks late, she put it down to that.  Curling up into a ball she held the pillow against her stomach as she rocked silently. The pain subsided as the relief washed over her.

Brianna, Anna to her friends, began to relax. Until half an hour later the pain returned and left her breathless. She managed to relax once again as another set of pain hit her, tears rolled down her cheeks. She wanted to call her mother, but she could not. Her mother was a proud woman and any sign of weakness was not acceptable. She was a young woman and these pains were part of it and she had been told to deal with it like a woman would. She had no choice to ride them out, they would end soon, she hoped. Fresh tears fell down her now red cheeks, she was not being strong. Right now Brianna did not care as another pain made her double up.

She held the pillow tighter over her stomach as the pain eased away. The clock on the bedside table ticked away silently as each pain came and went. To her it felt as a few hours had passed, but in reality only a one hour had passed. The sound of the door opening did not arouse her. Her mother entered her room to find her curled up in the foetal position and hot salty tears streaming down her cheeks. Her mother, Trudy sat down beside her as another pain rocked through her body. The tears fell freely as her mother tried hard to comfort her, neither aware of what was happening to her.

As another pain crippled her, Trudy realised her daughters pains were more serious and helped her daughter into the family car. She then drove her to the hospital.

Trudy helped her daughter out of the car and into the E.R as another pain crippled her daughter. This one caused her to cry out. Just as she screamed, a gush of water fell to the floor between her legs.

"I am sorry," Brianna cried.

Looking at the floor the nurse nodded.

"It's okay, we can take care of that," she nodded.   "It looks as if your water broke that's all. We need to get you to the maternity ward, now."

"Her what!" Trudy said as she let go of her daughters arm.

The woman ignored the question.  "Okay, lay down sweet heart and let me check how far dilated you are."

"Brianna's pregnant?"

"Not for much longer, she's already nine centimetres. We really need to get you upstairs," the Nurse stated.

"She can't be. She's only sixteen, Brianna can't be a mother."

"A little too late for that now," the Nurse began as a porter rushed to the aid of the Nurse and together they took Brianna and the bed to the Maternity ward.

"This can't be happening, Brianna why did..."

"I'm not having a baby," she screamed as another pain ripped through her body.

"Its okay Brianna, we are here to help you deliver this baby. When we say push you need to push down as hard as you can and we can get this baby delivered."

Her mother stood by the side the bed, then backed away.

"Where are you going, Mum!"

"You did this, I can't be here. Your father will be angry you know that. He won't stand for this. You made this baby, you will have to do this, I have to go," she said as she made her way out of the room.

The sound of Brianna calling for her mother echoed around the room as another contraction ripped through her body once again.

Moments later Brianna was helped onto the bed in the delivery room.  The midwife smiled at her as she instructed her on what had to be done.


"I am pushing," Brianna stated through gritted teeth.

"One more push, you're nearly there," the midwife coaxed.

Bearing down she pushed with every last ounce of energy she possessed.    Her finger nails dug into the palms of her hand.  Sweat tricked down her brow, red faced Brianna concentrated on the job in hand.  Not having time to contemplate on what was happening to her. 

Hearing only the voice of the woman giving her encouragement.  She wished her mother had stayed by her side, but she had no time to dwell on the matter as she pushed as hard as she could.  Feeling the sensation of burning, it passed as she was informed she delivered the baby's head.  Taking a deep breath, she listened to the soft voice of the midwife.

"Okay, now on the next contraction one last big push and this baby will be born."

Brianna nodded, as the pain intensified, and gave one final push as she felt the baby leave her body. 

The next sound she heard belonged to her daughter.  The baby had a pair of lungs on her and the sound filled the delivery suite.  Brianna looked down at her baby barely seconds old and cried. 

The midwife lifted the baby up to lay on her chest, Brianna shook her head.

"I can't, I don't want it.  Take it away."

The moment the words tumbled from her lips she regretted it.

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