Monday, 30 December 2013

Two days left...

You have only two days left to grab a copy of my first published book, for 77p or $1.26, grab it while you can.      .com

Enjoy and if you would leave me a review, I would be truly grateful.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ten days left on the sale of my book

That's all just ten days left before book price increases, grab it while you can.

A reminder of the blurb and links below...

I spot my mother’s car approaching me. I see her wave, and smile as our eyes lock. Then as if in slow motion, the most horrific scene plays out before my eyes. The van switches lanes once again, right into my mother’s path. The look on her face as she steps on the brakes shows SHE HAS REALISED it’s too late, the car ploughs into the van as such speed she had no time to react. I watch in horror as my mother flies forward. I close my eyes, and crumble to the floor, shielding my eyes, not wanting to see the scene continue to play out. Hearing metal on metal as screams fill the air, it’s only then I realise it is me who is screaming.

My name is Debbie Conway, I am thirteen years old and FROM the day I witnessed my mother’s death I could think of little else. To ease my pain, I spent more time in my dream world, in the arms of Joshua Lawson, the guy from the poster above my bed, and staring in my favourite TV show, Victor.

Meet my best friend, Wendy, former best friend and school bully, Karen, and a boy who will confuse my love for Joshua Lawson, Mark Hobson. A new student from America, WHOSE accent alone sends shivers up and down my spine.

Here are the links for both Amazon sites, where the book is on sale for the next 11 days, at 77p and $1.26.           is the link for             is the link for

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Link to book

Its been a few days and for that I apologise, first of all, yes the book is out on both Amazon sites, so here are the links for you to grab your copy, as for this month only the cost of the ebook is...77p and $1.26


Monday, 9 December 2013


My book is due to be released today, but I  have something I want to share with you first, the cover, pop over to my website and check it out, Karabeth publishing have done a great job of it. Debbie is still there, so I am one happy author.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Xmas charity chic lit book

I have something exciting guys i want to share with you, and yes I should have done this a little sooner.

I was so honoured to be asked to take part in something that I felt is so special to me, and even though my story is only 800 words long, well does that matter. No, all money made from the sales of this wonderful book will be going to charity. Breast cancer.

The book is available now to download, and contains six sassy stories around the Christmas holidays. All the authors have the most amazing stories, which will entertain you, curled up with your kindle, or a hard copy.

I will share the cover with you....

Merry Chick Lit, Six Sassy Shorts, by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, Sarah Hitchcock (a.k.a. S.J Hitchcock),
Francine Lasala, Nikki Mahood, Holly Martin and K.C. Wilder.

ebook link below, and only 77p.

The printed version is £6.80.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bad news

Don't panic, I am still publishing book one, what my bad news is, and may not be bad news to some, but to me it really is.

I sat at my pc last night to do some work, plugged in my memory stick, as it had been removed, to find it empty, thinking oh no, remove and put back in, it will all be there, but guess what, nope, nothing.

Not only was it empty, but now its showing that it is corrupted. I have done everything I can to restore the files, but to no avail.

I will now have to re-write my novel that I did for Nano, and as it was book 3, of my series.