Thursday, 21 November 2013

Update and Nano news

Well let me say that my week has been busy, work, and family and the house, has kept me on my toes, but I did finish my Nano book, which as some of you may be aware that I was writing book three of the Dream World series.

It took some different paths than I expected, some twist and turns, but it was actually nice to just write in one POV, made a change, as book one covers my three characters journeys through the last year of high school. Book three, follows Karen Langley as they leave school and start a new adventure, and with the news that Craig is up and leaving their home town, his mother is getting married and after the wedding, they will leave. Meaning he has to go to, but Karen is not about to let him go, and applies to colleges there too, without telling her parents, which is her first obstacle in the book, and then of course being accepted.

On the ride over to check them out, a conversation with her mother, it becomes very clear to Karen, why there relationship is the way it is. I have to say, all my planning and outlining, even I did not see that one coming. Of course, Karen's life is never simple, and my original idea for where her book was going went out the window, and well, those who will read the book, I am saying no more, my lips are sealed.

If you would like to know more, visit my website, its a work in progress present time, but on there you will find a page for each character, and a little information about them, along with a few interview questions.

Want to know more, follow the link to my website.....

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