Sunday, 6 October 2013

Breaking the rules by Cat Lavoie - review

Hello everyone, finally had time to read one of the books on my huge TBR pile.

Cat Lavoie is in my opinion a talented writer and I awarded her novel Breaking the Rules five stars. I found it such an easy read, and by that I mean, I could just sit and absorb the story.

So here is the review.

I found I really liked the main character, chuckling when she forget accidently to invite Ollie’s girlfriend to his leaving party. Accident I think not. I hated Roxy’s boyfriend, sorry fiancĂ© from the moment he appeared in the book. Boring Ethan, I thought. All the time in my head yelling don’t marry him, marry Ollie. Of course, he already has a girlfriend.

I liked how well the book had me wanting to read on to find out what would happen next. Steffi’s sister arrives, six months pregnant. The twist here left my mouth dropping to the floor, good job there Cat, just loved that. Of course, I was hoping that Roxy would get with Ollie, after the kiss he landed on her before leaving for England. It had me turning the page, to find out, and the boss who just expected her to drop everything. So many things made this book so good, I could tell you them all, but that would just spoil it for you. I would say, pick up a copy, read it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Five stars from me.

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