Sunday, 14 July 2013

Book review coming soon

Hey to all my friends out there, well the sun is shinning and I love the heat, but wow it is hot, and i cannot get cool, even with the fan going. I should spend more time in the garden or out in the sun, but guess what I am in my usual place, sat at the computer or reading on my kindle, I cannot help myself.

For the past week I have had little time to read, but the weekend before I downloaded a book by a lady called Monica Murphy, called One week girlfriend, I must admit once again I did not read the blurb, but the title alone had me pulled into what the story would be like. I had no idea it was one of these New Adult books I keep hearing about.

I sat down to read the first book and I could not get enough. I had read half the book before I popped on amazon to check out the blurb, and of course could not help but check out one or two reviews, and glad I did, because I discovered that this book had a second part, (Second chance boyfriend) and I would have been a little like I need to find book 2 now. So instead, I downloaded book 2 there and then, before reading any more of book 1.

I will take my time to write the reviews to post here, but if you cannot wait, I will add a link the first book is only priced at 38p. A bargain. Snap it up, you will love it.

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