Sunday, 19 May 2013

Update and a book review

Morning all, editing is going well ,you will be pleased to hear.

I am also currently reading a book by Carolyn Ridder Aspen, called Unfinished Business, from her Angela Panther series.

So far I am loving the book.  I love how I feel connected to the characters, and can relate to the MC as she is a mother like myself.  Of course I do not have the gift that she has, but still I cannot wait to read the next chapter.  A real page turner.  I love the Ma character, and will say for those of you who love the show or any books on the same lines as ghost whisperer, you will love this book.

I have not finished the book as of yet, but I am over half way through, and just had to share this with you.

I will be in the near future, picking one book at a time to read, and review.  I will create a star system, for recommendation.  Link below if you already like the sound of this book, and if you do, please leave this author a review on amazon too.  I will be doing just that, once I have finished the book.

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