Sunday, 26 May 2013

Story cubes

Sorry I have not been on for a few days, but with school finishing last Friday, the in-laws laying new flooring in the boys room.  I have been very busy.

I just had to share with you guys something that was shown to me the other day at my local writing group.  I arrived, and the lady who will be taking over from the lovely Caroline, introduced me to these things called Storycubes, by Rory's.

The above link is for, but they can also be found on the UK site too.

Storycubes, what are they?  Well they are cubes, with pictues on, dice if you like.  Each pack, there are a few different sets you can collect. And will suit any age, mainly six years and up.  Each set I have seen, you have nine cubes, you shake them and whatever is on them, you use to create your story.  I have one from the group started I will share with you in my next post, for now just the images, and later the story from them.

I recall a few of the items for one story of the top of my head, a padlock, keyhole, torch, light, the rest I do not recall right now.  I put them in an order I wanted, and was given a storyboard to place them in. I then wrote a short outline, using the images from the cubes.  Afterwards I set to work on the short story.

My eight year old son has used the ones I have been lent, voyages.  He rolls them, lines them up and tells us a story about them.  He does not write them down, yet, but this is a  great start. To me they are a great visual aid, I would recommend them to adults and children alike.

I have two dyselexic children, and they have both shown a interest in them.  Please tell me if you buy some, and share you creations with me.  If not, I can roll them, and add a pic of what comes up and you guys can go from there.  If I can work out how to do that...well that is all for today, back to editing I go.

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