Saturday, 20 April 2013

Editing WIP

Plans to edit during the half-term did not go as planned, as I decided to change the story to first person, things ended up out of order. Now I have set about re-arranging the outline and even went as far as working on a few parts for the second book, which follows straight on from book 1.

 Happy with the progress. Here is a little snippet of my WIP progress so far, I must say this story follows three MC's.

 Debbie Conway, almost 14, who loses her mother in a tragic accident and uses her dreams as a way to escape.

 Karen Langley, also 14 and Debbie's former best friend. Is now one of the most hated girls in the school, of course the girl has reasons, but she has a reputation to protect.

Lastly, we have Mark Hobson, also 14, an American, who is sent to the UK by his parents while they are on tour. Staying with his grandparents, hoping that being here in the UK he can escape living in the shadow of his cousin.

 Finally the snippet I promised....this is from the prologue.

Three days later, the death of my mother still does not feel real. I see constant flashes of the accident. It’s all my fault my mother’s dead. I know it is, no matter what my family tell me. I am to blame. If I did not need a lift home, Mum would still be alive. I swallow, as anger builds up inside me. I refuse to leave my room; I can’t do it. Have them all looking at me, with those eyes telling me they wish it had been me. They try to tell me I am not to blame, but I know they do; I blame me. I’ve not eaten since my father brought me home from the hospital, I can’t eat. My mouth feels dry; my stomach rumbles, but I cannot fill it. I do not deserve food.


  1. I know you are editing and the end result will be spectacular!

    1. Thanks Hilde, your support means the world to me.

  2. I can't wait for you to finish this where we will be able to read it, I know this story is going to turn out great :)

  3. Thanks Kimmy, that means the world to me.