Monday, 30 December 2013

Two days left...

You have only two days left to grab a copy of my first published book, for 77p or $1.26, grab it while you can.      .com

Enjoy and if you would leave me a review, I would be truly grateful.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ten days left on the sale of my book

That's all just ten days left before book price increases, grab it while you can.

A reminder of the blurb and links below...

I spot my mother’s car approaching me. I see her wave, and smile as our eyes lock. Then as if in slow motion, the most horrific scene plays out before my eyes. The van switches lanes once again, right into my mother’s path. The look on her face as she steps on the brakes shows SHE HAS REALISED it’s too late, the car ploughs into the van as such speed she had no time to react. I watch in horror as my mother flies forward. I close my eyes, and crumble to the floor, shielding my eyes, not wanting to see the scene continue to play out. Hearing metal on metal as screams fill the air, it’s only then I realise it is me who is screaming.

My name is Debbie Conway, I am thirteen years old and FROM the day I witnessed my mother’s death I could think of little else. To ease my pain, I spent more time in my dream world, in the arms of Joshua Lawson, the guy from the poster above my bed, and staring in my favourite TV show, Victor.

Meet my best friend, Wendy, former best friend and school bully, Karen, and a boy who will confuse my love for Joshua Lawson, Mark Hobson. A new student from America, WHOSE accent alone sends shivers up and down my spine.

Here are the links for both Amazon sites, where the book is on sale for the next 11 days, at 77p and $1.26.           is the link for             is the link for

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Link to book

Its been a few days and for that I apologise, first of all, yes the book is out on both Amazon sites, so here are the links for you to grab your copy, as for this month only the cost of the ebook is...77p and $1.26


Monday, 9 December 2013


My book is due to be released today, but I  have something I want to share with you first, the cover, pop over to my website and check it out, Karabeth publishing have done a great job of it. Debbie is still there, so I am one happy author.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Xmas charity chic lit book

I have something exciting guys i want to share with you, and yes I should have done this a little sooner.

I was so honoured to be asked to take part in something that I felt is so special to me, and even though my story is only 800 words long, well does that matter. No, all money made from the sales of this wonderful book will be going to charity. Breast cancer.

The book is available now to download, and contains six sassy stories around the Christmas holidays. All the authors have the most amazing stories, which will entertain you, curled up with your kindle, or a hard copy.

I will share the cover with you....

Merry Chick Lit, Six Sassy Shorts, by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, Sarah Hitchcock (a.k.a. S.J Hitchcock),
Francine Lasala, Nikki Mahood, Holly Martin and K.C. Wilder.

ebook link below, and only 77p.

The printed version is £6.80.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bad news

Don't panic, I am still publishing book one, what my bad news is, and may not be bad news to some, but to me it really is.

I sat at my pc last night to do some work, plugged in my memory stick, as it had been removed, to find it empty, thinking oh no, remove and put back in, it will all be there, but guess what, nope, nothing.

Not only was it empty, but now its showing that it is corrupted. I have done everything I can to restore the files, but to no avail.

I will now have to re-write my novel that I did for Nano, and as it was book 3, of my series.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Website update

I am updating my book covers for the new release of book 1, from my new publisher. They are similar to the old ones, I agree, just new fonts, please let me know what you think......

Here it is....for the printed cover, the ebook is just the first half of the book. I think adding the image of the characters on the back works, but what do you think?

Friday, 29 November 2013

My website and blurb for Dream World

Another day has passed and I will be adding a few book reviews which i have read recently, with Nano and publishing my book, I have had a lot to do, and want to get back into the swing of things.

I am also creating my website where you can meet the characters of my book, and other things too, it is a work in progress, feel free to pop over and check it out.

For those of you who have already read my opening chapters at wattpad, thank you, but if you would like to read up to chapter four, follow the link below to wattpad and feel free to share, comment, let me know what you think.

Here is the new blurb I am considering using...

I spot my mother’s car approaching me. I see her wave, and smile as our eyes lock. Then as if in slow motion, the most horrific scene plays out before my eyes. The van switches lanes once again, right into my mother’s path. The look on her face as she steps on the brakes shows SHE HAS REALISED it’s too late, the car ploughs into the van at such speed she had no time to react. I watch in horror as my mother flies forward. I close my eyes, and crumble down to the floor, shielding my eyes not wanting to see the scene continue to play out. Hearing metal on metal, as screams fill the air, it’s only then I realise it is me who is screaming.
My name is Debbie Conway, I am thirteen years old and FROM the day I witnessed my mother’s death, I could think of little else. To ease my pain, I spent more time in my dream world, in the arms of Joshua Lawson, the guy from the poster above my bed, and staring in my favourite TV show, Victor.

Meet my best friend, Wendy, former best friend and school bully, Karen, and a boy who will confuse my love for Joshua, Mark Hobson. A new student from America, WHOSE accent alone sends shivers up and down my spine.

If you liked that...well here is the link.....

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dream World: Book One

I am sharing with you guys, the opening chapter of my book, feel free to leave a comment, share, and I will keep you guys updated when the book will be re-released. Thank you.

The accident

~ Debbie ~
Ten minutes, just ten more minutes, I thought. That was all I would give Mum before ringing home again.
I’m sitting perched on the edge of the wall, hands on my lap; the strap of my bag held tightly in my hands as I watch the passing traffic. A single droplet of water makes its way down my face, stopping at my chin, before dripping onto my hands. I stare briefly at it before turning my attention back to the road, as I scan it again for my mother’s green hatchback. It wasn’t the best car in the world, but as Mum always said, as longs as it gets us from A to B, she was happy.
I sigh, wishing Mum would hurry up. My dripping hair and the chill of the air cause me to shudder; now I regret not drying it as Wendy suggested. She of course washed and dried her hair after our swimming session. Right now, I wished I was buckled up in the car, deep in conversation about mindless chatter with my mother.
We always talked about everything, and Mum understood me, another reason why I love her so much.
I had been trying for days to talk to her, to get her alone; I want to talk to her, about the changes to my body, or the lack of them. Other girls were sprouting these enormous breasts. Where were mine? It was enough to make me scream.
I continue to watch the traffic as my mind wandered, praying Mum was alone, and that neither Greg nor Sally had insisted on tagging along. They were always craving for her attention these days, and I rarely had time to talk to her in private.
A double-decker bus passed, I loved riding them, and watched it until it disappeared, thinking I could have been home by now. Yet Mum insisted on picking me up, explaining to me, that even though I was thirteen, she did not want me to ride the bus alone. What harm would come to me, I argued. Which did no good; I was to wait on the wall for Mum to pick me up. Of course, I did not blame Wendy; parents made you do these family visits together. My own were the same. After all, they were not getting any younger, at least that was what Steve would say, he was right of course. Pushing Steve far from my thoughts, as much as I love my eldest brother, if I was to think about a boy, it would not be him, I smiled. I do not even have to think or say his name, to have my heart racing at the thought of him. I whisper his name.
Biting my lip, I shake my head, really now is not the time to be thinking about drop-dead-gorgeous Joshua Lawson, no I should be watching out for Mum, which reminds me, she is taking forever to get here, come on Mum.
I turn my attention back to the road and the cars whizzing down the one-way carriage. A four-lane road, all going one-way, one of the busiest roads in the area I know. I inhale deeply, instantly regretting it, as the scent of chlorine and exhaust fumes hits me. I would have to shower when I get home. Wendy suggested I wash it, but being me, I wanted to wave her off when her parents collected her. I drop the handle of my bag, and wring my hair again, as water drips onto the concrete below my feet. Satisfying me that most of the water is now out of my hair. Once again, I wish to be inside the warmth of the car. Instead, I remain on the wall as the wind whipped at my face, causing me to shudder. I wrap my arms around my body to keep warm. Where are you Mum? I stand, hovering from one foot to the other, searching the cars for ours.
There is still no sign of my mother, I sit down, and shuffle on the cold brick wall, wishing Wendy had not left me.
Five more minutes pass.
“Come on, Mum,” I mutter to myself, craning my neck to check down the road for her again. I roll my emerald-green eyes. It was not like Mum to be this late.
I watch the cars pass by, weaving from lane to lane; one caught my eye, a blue van, weaving across each lane, causing cars to honk their horns. I could not believe the way he was driving. I watch it as it turns left at the end of the road and disappears from my view. This is so unlike my mother, being this late; I debate ringing home, but that meant leaving the meeting point and going back into the swimming pools entrance where the phone is. I decide to wait.
I begin counting red cars, a game my family often play on long journeys. After counting fifteen in a row, I am bored with the game, no fun on your own. This was beyond the joke, where was she? I stand once again; passer-by’s stare at me. I smile at them and continue to watch the traffic. Then I notice the same blue van. It switches lanes, again and then again. I shake my head; the driver of the van was all over the place.
I spot my mother’s car approaching me. I see her wave, and smile as our eyes lock. Then as if in slow motion, the most horrific scene plays out before my eyes. The van switches lanes once again, right into my mother’s path. The look on her face as she steps on the brakes shows on her face, but it’s too late, the car ploughs into the van at such speed she had no time to react. I watch in horror as my mother flies forward. I close my eyes, and crumble down to the floor, shielding my eyes not wanting to see the scene continue to play out. Hearing metal on metal, as screams fill the air, it’s only then I realise it is me who is screaming. I remain in a heap on the floor and prise one eye open, not wanting to see. It’s as if time stands still; the sound of sirens fills the air. I open my other eye; watch people rush to the scene; I feel a hand help me up. Asking me if I am okay, if I am hurt? I shake my head, and stare at the two mangled vehicles, one of which is my mother’s. This can’t be real. I’m daydreaming, aren’t I?
I watch the scene unfold, stare at my mother slumped over the staring wheel, the broken glass, shattered on the ground. I gasp for air, and cannot find my voice, only a whisper leaves my lips.
“Mum, mum.” Tears fall.
Emergency vehicles approach the scene; I am now on my feet. The man releases me; I am sobbing so hard my chest aches. I swallow attempting to make my feet move forward; a police officer heads my way, and begins to speak to me, I see her lips move, but do not hear the words that tumble from them.
I watch as they pull my mother from the car and lay her on a stretcher. The whole time the police officer is speaking, I mumble she’s my mum, as I watch them cover her with a white sheet. No, I scream. She can’t be dead; she can’t. They are wrong; they have to help her, I push my way past the officer, but I am pulled back.
I scream her name over and over.
“She’s gone, love; she’s gone,” the police officer says as she holds me to her, and I sob uncontrollably.

Three days later, the death of my mother does not feel real. I see constant flashes of the accident. It’s all my fault my mother’s dead. I know it is, no matter what my family tell me. I am to blame. If I had not needed a lift home, Mum would still be alive. I swallow, as anger builds up inside me. I refuse to leave my room; I can’t do it. Having them all look at me, with those eyes telling me they wish it had been me. They try to tell me I am not to blame, but I know they do; I blame me. I’ve not eaten since my father brought me home from the hospital, I can’t eat. My mouth feels dry; my stomach rumbles, but I cannot fill it. I do not deserve food.
Even my best friend, Wendy cannot entice me out. My mother was dead; nothing would be the same again. I lay on the bed, playing the what-if game. If my Mum did not need to pick me up, or if I had ridden the bus home; she would still be alive. Sally, my youngest sister would not be lost, so young she does not understand where her mother has gone. Greg has every right to blame me, at ten years old he understands what I have done.
I stand, tears stream down my face; snot mingles with the falling tears as I storm across the room. I am angry, angry with myself, the driver, at my mother. As my anger explodes, I take it out on every poster on my wall, destroying them in seconds.
Sitting among the debris of paper, I sob; more tears trickle down my reddened cheeks. It’s not Joshua’s fault; it’s mine. Scooping the pieces up, I lay them on the bed. The posters beyond repair, I fall back on the bed with a fist full of Joshua Lawson. He is and always will be my favourite character from the show on TV, Victor. I lay and look up at the only poster of him, which survived, the one on my ceiling. His face stares down at me, smiling; I close my eyes.
Joshua takes one-step towards me and pulls me into a hug, and whispers in my ear.
“It will be okay; I will be here for you, always. It’s not your fault, remember that.”
I open my eyes, hoping one day I can believe him.


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Publisher news

I have news, I  have now found a new publisher based in the UK, signed the contract this week. I am hoping that the ebook will be out i time for Xmas, I have my fingers crossed.

Will keep you guys updated.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Update and Nano news

Well let me say that my week has been busy, work, and family and the house, has kept me on my toes, but I did finish my Nano book, which as some of you may be aware that I was writing book three of the Dream World series.

It took some different paths than I expected, some twist and turns, but it was actually nice to just write in one POV, made a change, as book one covers my three characters journeys through the last year of high school. Book three, follows Karen Langley as they leave school and start a new adventure, and with the news that Craig is up and leaving their home town, his mother is getting married and after the wedding, they will leave. Meaning he has to go to, but Karen is not about to let him go, and applies to colleges there too, without telling her parents, which is her first obstacle in the book, and then of course being accepted.

On the ride over to check them out, a conversation with her mother, it becomes very clear to Karen, why there relationship is the way it is. I have to say, all my planning and outlining, even I did not see that one coming. Of course, Karen's life is never simple, and my original idea for where her book was going went out the window, and well, those who will read the book, I am saying no more, my lips are sealed.

If you would like to know more, visit my website, its a work in progress present time, but on there you will find a page for each character, and a little information about them, along with a few interview questions.

Want to know more, follow the link to my website.....

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Another update guys

Well first of all, hello and sorry its been a little while, we all now how Nano affects us. We get so wrapped in this that we forget to stop by. I cannot believe that it is already day 16. I have to admit I am very happy with my progress. I decided that I would write book 3, for my Dream World series and as of today I hit 43K, so I am almost to the goal of the 50K, in 30 days.

I thought I also should update you on where I am at with the publishing goal too, I am currently in talks with a very nice lady in the UK, and as soon as I have more news on that one I will let you guys know.

The last thing that I wanted to share with you guys is that a lovely lady, Violetta asked me to write a piece for her blog, so here is a link to it.

And if anyone wants to check out my website, please feel free....

Friday, 8 November 2013

An update for book and Nano.

I have been a very busy girl, so thought I should pop in and let you know where I am at.

Firstly, I have parted company with my publisher based in America, and currently seeking a UK one. I will keep you updated with how that is going.

I am also writing book 3, for Nano, Day 8 today, and so far I have a total of 22,000 words. Going well, I am happy with my progress so far.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Breaking the rules by Cat Lavoie - review

Hello everyone, finally had time to read one of the books on my huge TBR pile.

Cat Lavoie is in my opinion a talented writer and I awarded her novel Breaking the Rules five stars. I found it such an easy read, and by that I mean, I could just sit and absorb the story.

So here is the review.

I found I really liked the main character, chuckling when she forget accidently to invite Ollie’s girlfriend to his leaving party. Accident I think not. I hated Roxy’s boyfriend, sorry fiancĂ© from the moment he appeared in the book. Boring Ethan, I thought. All the time in my head yelling don’t marry him, marry Ollie. Of course, he already has a girlfriend.

I liked how well the book had me wanting to read on to find out what would happen next. Steffi’s sister arrives, six months pregnant. The twist here left my mouth dropping to the floor, good job there Cat, just loved that. Of course, I was hoping that Roxy would get with Ollie, after the kiss he landed on her before leaving for England. It had me turning the page, to find out, and the boss who just expected her to drop everything. So many things made this book so good, I could tell you them all, but that would just spoil it for you. I would say, pick up a copy, read it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Five stars from me.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Reviewers/Beta readers wanted

Well its been ten days since the release of my first book, and well I decided that I would love to give away three free copies. In exchange for an honest review.

It will be first come, if you are interested, you can contact me on

If you would like to read a couple of chapters, it can be found as a free sample download. Or here at wattpad.

Other links...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dream World - Book One

My book is finally out, and I have plans to get on with editing book two, ready to be released around March, April time.

And look forward to reading and writng more reviews, will be adding one from the book called Breaking all the rules.

Keep an eye out for that, and lastly, something I discovered and thought I would share. Ever wanted to select a whole document, say more then a few pages, to a hundred, or in my case a 70K word document. All you need to do is press, the Ctrl button and press A. That's it.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Update on my novel

Okay well I have not been on here for a few days and I apologise to those of you who actually stop by. I thank you, well can you believe it, I have now since its nearly midnight here, less then seven days. Yes seven days until Dream World, book 1 is released.

I cannot believe it, I am so excited. It can already be found on Smashwords, for pre-sale, and Barnes & Noble. Links below for anyone interested, you can also download a sample.


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Reviews on One week girlfriend and Second chance boyfriend.

Here are my two reviews, for the books I could not put down.

One week girlfriend, I came across and decided to read, give it a go, and boy was I glad I did. I gave book one, four stars.

The author was another newbie to me; I was more than willing to give this book a go. I loved this book, and before I had even finished reading, did I download the second book, as I discovered it was not a standalone. 
You needed to read the second one to finish the story. Not that it really bothered me at all.

After a few chapters in, I was hooked. I could not put it down. I read it in one sitting. Yes, it was predictable, and I guessed many of the twists, but that again did not bother me. I just enjoyed it that much I could not stop reading, and as soon as I finished book 1, did I move to book 2.

I admit I hated his stepmother the moment she appeared in the book, and just knew what their story would be. And the relationship which Drew started with Fable because of her reputation. I wondered how that would develop, if things would be a smooth or bumpy ride. Not only does Fable have more to deal with than just taking care of her younger brother Owen, but do we find out she pays the rent and food, and when Drew offers her a lump sum to be his pretend girlfriend for one week.  How can she refuse? But of course, things don’t go to plan, because she falls for him. But he has a secret that involves his stepmother, Adele. Read to find out, and of course, read book 2, to finish this story.

The second book, Second chance Boyfriend, well I enjoyed it just as muc as book 1. I gave this one, five stars. Loved it.

After reading book 1, in one sitting, I found myself opening this second part and devouring it over the course of that day and the next, not wanting to stop until I reached the end. I had to know if I was right, if Adele had indeed seduced him. But it was worse than that, she had abused him, mentally and physically. I had an inkling about his sister, who tragically died, but did she lie, who knows. Read it, find out, I don’t think you will be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Reviews On Fools Rush In and The New Girl

I know I have been a little behind on my updates, but I have been a little busy. One thing editing book two, and by the way we only have a little under four weeks before book one is released.

So now for the review, I am behind on I have a few books I read a while back and will add today, and I have three or four reviews to write up and add. I have now organised myself a chart, which I will also share so I am now on track with my TBR pile.

The first book I will share my review with you was a free download, and the first in her series. The book is called Fools Rush In (Weddings by Bella, Book 1). I gave the book  four stars.

I downloaded this book because it was free, and the cover pulled me in. So, I sat down and began to read. I loved the book, really enjoyed the storyline. There were some funny parts in there, and I just loved the family, and the way they interacted, and the mix up with D.J.

I don’t want to be negative and I know many have said the same thing about the religious parts of the book, sadly I agree. I loved everything else about the book, the plot, descriptions and the MC. On one hand, I really want to read the next book in the series, but that tiny thing is holding me back. If it has been toned down in book two I am willing to give it a go.

So there you have my review, as I said, I enjoyed it, but the religous part, really was not for me. I will add a link for those who want to give it a go.

The next book I am going to add my review to is one of my favourites and Tracie Puckett is becoming a well known and loved author. I first found her on Smashwords and loved her books, I have read the first three she had on there.

The book is called The New Girl, and if you like me read this, you won't be disappointed.

Here is my review - I give this book five stars.

Reading The New Girl by Tracie Puckett was a pleasure. Excellent storyline and believable characters. I have enjoyed the series and highly recommend reading them all. Besides who hasn't had a crush on a teacher at one point, and Steph in this book is no exception. When she arrives at Webster Grove High, and meets Mr.Rivera, the sexy English teacher.

Follow Steph along her journey throughout the book, and I personally believe you will not regret it. My 13 year old daughter this as I have now read them all.

Here is the link for you guys...

I will add the next to tomorrow, or Friday, both book are free to download, and I think you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Well looks like I have the actual date, of when my book will be released, which is 20th Sept 2013.

I would like share with guys, the link to smashwords for the pre-sale.


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Busy busy

A quick update for you guys, I have finished the third edits of my novel and sent them to my publisher, along with three chapters from book 2.

I need to find a few minutes and write up my review on One Week Girlfriend, and the second book, which I apologise the title has slipped my mind. I loved both books, and will post asap.

Working on book 2, so I get that ready asap.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Second edits are back...

Well guys I have had my second edits back a few days ago, and now I am not in school I will be working on them tomorrow. Fingers crossed this time we don't find anymore.

I am so nervous and scared, and a little exited about the release of my book.

Hoping that readers love it as much as I do.

Anyone who would like to take a look at the first three chapters, stop by my wattpad account. Leave a comment, here or there, I would love to hear your thoughts.

 This is an earlier version of my book cover, but wanted to share it with you. The updated version is on wattpad. Do you like it, does it stand out? Does it appeal to YA and adults alike?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Crimson Clan and David. R Bennett

Hey fellow bloggers,let me tell you about an author (David. R. Bennett) who has already released his first book (The Crimson Clan) and due to release his second, called Cry of the wolf. The book follows the story Destiny Phoenix, a young girl who disocvers that her life is about to change, forever. She turns 16, with plans of getting her drivers licence, but everything changes. She loses her parents, and learns of a brother she never met, and  top it all off, Destiny is about to get the biggest birthday shock. She is a slayer, and from that moment she needs to be ready to do battle.

I enjopyed the book, and my son who is ten will be reading it next, I am sure he will lovbe it as much as I did. Here is a link to The Crimosn Clan :

The second book is due to have a cover reveal soon, 28th July 2013.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Book review coming soon

Hey to all my friends out there, well the sun is shinning and I love the heat, but wow it is hot, and i cannot get cool, even with the fan going. I should spend more time in the garden or out in the sun, but guess what I am in my usual place, sat at the computer or reading on my kindle, I cannot help myself.

For the past week I have had little time to read, but the weekend before I downloaded a book by a lady called Monica Murphy, called One week girlfriend, I must admit once again I did not read the blurb, but the title alone had me pulled into what the story would be like. I had no idea it was one of these New Adult books I keep hearing about.

I sat down to read the first book and I could not get enough. I had read half the book before I popped on amazon to check out the blurb, and of course could not help but check out one or two reviews, and glad I did, because I discovered that this book had a second part, (Second chance boyfriend) and I would have been a little like I need to find book 2 now. So instead, I downloaded book 2 there and then, before reading any more of book 1.

I will take my time to write the reviews to post here, but if you cannot wait, I will add a link the first book is only priced at 38p. A bargain. Snap it up, you will love it.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Today I am glad it is almost bed time, it is not every day I wish the kids were in bed, most days, but not every day. I have more of this to come, as the school holidays are creeping up on us.

I have four children, two teens and two under ten. One of my sons has special needs and keeps me on my toes.

As for my book, I am working on edits, book one has been edited and sent back to the pubisher, and I am now working on book two.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dream World - update

I've done it, YES, another round of edits complete, that is now a total of word pages 198 and 73,066 words.....*happy dance time*

Now waiting for the edits to come back, and while I am, will edit book 2. Getting closer to being released every day.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Writing Well

My local writing group which I attended for a year came to a end last night. We met up to say our final goodbyes as a group. I will miss the mettings and the feedback I received from the other members.

I know my writing improved due to being part of the group and trying new things, thinking outside the box during the writing challenge part of the session.

I will keep in touch with those friends via social networks, and always be grateful for their support.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Writing well and update

I know it's been a few days since I last commented on here, but I have been very busy, one with the edits for the book, as they are back from the publisher, exciting right.

As I also work in a pre-school, we are close to the end of the year and the childrens folders have to be ready for those leaving and updated for those coming back in September. One folder can take me around two hours, and I have eight to do.

It is also sad that the writing group in my local area came to an end, and I cannot believe it, but I will always be very grateful for the friends I made, the support I recieved and for making me write outside the box. I may have only attended the group for a little over a year, but it was the best thing I ever did.

A writing group which for me was fun, but scary when I first joined, reading out my work to a bunch of strangers. To hear their feedback, good, or the bad. It was there that I first read the sixth or seventh edited version on Dream World. They liked it, but they had some really good comments to help me improve it. Of course at the time I left my first meeting feeling rather deflated An hour later, I read the notes I had jotted down that they had suggested and thought, they are right, it was then I started to grow a thicker skin, but listened to the comments they gave me, after all this was how we all grow as a writer.

It was also the group that made me stand infront of over sixty, maybe less strangers and read a piece we had written for the reading night. I am not a slow reader, and have been known to speed read. I know its a nervous thing, but I managed it, and found I felt sick, waiting for my turn to stand at the front, and did my best to slow down. Reading Amelia Jackson, as it was titled, a WIP title, I stood, looked out at the faces and took a deep breath. Once I began I knew that it was fine, that I was okay, but I was near enough the last to read, I would have preferred to go at the beginning, to get it over withh, but either way I did it and I am very proud of that.

If I had not done it, I would regrett it, but I do know this, if it ever arises again to read to a group, I will still be nervous, feel sick, but I know I can do it. And so can you, believe in the piece you wrote, practice it. I even recorded myself reading it and played it to myself in the car, it did help, and if I could memorise it, I would have.

For those interested in reading the piece called Amelia Jackson, leave a comment, and I will add it as a post.

Friday, 21 June 2013


I am waiting for first round of edits to be done, so while I wait, I have been editing book 2, and I have a review or the Crimson Clan to write.  So I will be posting that very soon. So look out for that.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Editing book 2 of Dream World.

Currrently editing book 2 of Dream World into first person, now on chapter 5, and just over 8,000 words done so far. I have removed some, added old chapters together and added new, so far going well, while i wait for edits from the publisher. It feels good to be working on book 2, as I have not looked at it for so long.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Another update....

Good afternoon, evening or morning.

I have done it, yesterday I finished the final edits of the novel, Dream World and have now sent to my epublisher.  All I can do now is sit and wait.

I will keep you guys updated on the progress of the book, and it may be out early September.

I am currently also reading the book, The crimson clan, by David. R Bennett, and will be adding a review once I am finished.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Another update

After, evening or even morning,

I thought I would update you guys on my progress so far, I am only eight chapters away from sending to the publishers. Once I fix a few small spacing issues.  Then I am close to sitting back and waiting for their edits to be done, and then once returned fix them up ready for publishing.

I also thought I would share this with you today, a fellow writer, of the book called the unseen promise.  The author is doing a giveaway, swing by and take a look.

Friday, 7 June 2013


I am ten chapters away from completing the edits for my novel.  Which is great news, it means I can soon send to my publisher. Scary, right, you bet.

After reading the book Unfinished Business, I am in a few days be deciding what book to review next, now I have read a few books in the past from fellow writers I have met on FB, and will add reviews to their books on here too.

I will keep you updated on the review and editing news.  Any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Book Review - Unfinished Business - by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

I said I would be adding reviews of books I am reading, this is the first on my TBR pile.  A book by a talented lady called Carolyn Ridder Aspenson.  I recommend this book.

I said I would do a star rating. So here it is - 5 stars - A must read, highly recommended.
                                                                   4 stars - Enjoyed.
                                                                   3 stars - Good.
                                                                   2 stars - Not good.
                                                                   1 stars - Would not even bother reading, even if it's free.

I plan to work on the star rating, 5, 3 and 1 will stay, but any thoughts on what I should use as 4 and 2.  

Book Review - Unfinished Business - by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

I would give Unfinished Business, An Angela Panther Novel a 5 star rating.  I picked the book up, not reading the blurb, sometimes it’s fun that way.  I started to read, and although saddened by the MC’s mother’s death, ended up smiling, and laughing at the turn of events.  When her mother came back as a ghost, revealing the gift Angela had. Angela’s mother Fran, who is a fun character and I grew to love her the moment she returned in the story.  I enjoyed the interaction between them, the family life, and sometimes serious, other times comical.  I wanted to read more, and this kept me turning the pages. 

Those out there who loved Ghost Whisperer as much as I did, will love this book, and those that follow in the series I look forward to downloading and reading.  A must read, in my opinion.  I loved reading it, and was saddened when I reached the end.  I will be looking out for the next book in the series, by this in my opinion talented author.   

Follow the link below.

Friday, 31 May 2013

Update of WIP

Things are going well, I am currently over half way done.  I hear you cry, please post another snippet. So I will of course do just that.

This is from chapter 6, flashbacks, and in the POV of the character Karen Langley.


I opened my mouth to speak, how dare she speak to me, Karen Langley like that.  As if I would sink so low to have my nose fixed, besides there is nothing wrong with it.  I glared at her as she slammed the door shut.  I shook my head, Debbie Conway was unbelievable, and being told to be nice to her, not so much by my parents, but by the teachers.  Give her some slack, because her mother died.  Boo hoo.  Poor Debbie.  I don’t understand why so many people liked her. What made her so special? Okay, yes, she was once my best friend, but now she was just so plain and boring.  Her clothes looked like they came from local second hand shop, most likely were.
 Some things may have come from my favourite place, Jacobs, but unlike me, I can afford the designer gear.  Poor Debbie has to make do with the bargain range, or when things go on sale. Give her slack; no way was I doing that.  Ever.

No, she was not getting the better of me; I tilted my head and stared at my reflection in the glass. What the hell is that?  I leaned forward, peering at myself.  Had that been the reason for Debbie’s comment? I turned to face my friends.  The look on their faces told me what I already knew.  I had my first spot, and by the look of it, it was huge.  I placed a smile on my face, as if I had no idea it was there.  

Thursday, 30 May 2013


For the past two days I have been creating bookmarks.  Using the designs of my book to be published this year, using the artwork created by my close friend.  I managed to get a few samples made.  So far they look good, need a few tweaks, but adding up the cost, it may be cheaper in the long run to have them printed by a company than by myself.

If anyone knows of a cheap place, good quailty I can use, please let me know.  I have one cheaper than the others I have found, like vistaprint and overnight print.  This place,

Anyone used them?  I would love to hear about your experiences with them.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Edits going well

Another chapter done today, everything is moving along nicely.  If I can finish this book I can work on book two, and fingers crossed get both books out this year, or at least early next year.

My fingers are crossed.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Story cubes

Sorry I have not been on for a few days, but with school finishing last Friday, the in-laws laying new flooring in the boys room.  I have been very busy.

I just had to share with you guys something that was shown to me the other day at my local writing group.  I arrived, and the lady who will be taking over from the lovely Caroline, introduced me to these things called Storycubes, by Rory's.

The above link is for, but they can also be found on the UK site too.

Storycubes, what are they?  Well they are cubes, with pictues on, dice if you like.  Each pack, there are a few different sets you can collect. And will suit any age, mainly six years and up.  Each set I have seen, you have nine cubes, you shake them and whatever is on them, you use to create your story.  I have one from the group started I will share with you in my next post, for now just the images, and later the story from them.

I recall a few of the items for one story of the top of my head, a padlock, keyhole, torch, light, the rest I do not recall right now.  I put them in an order I wanted, and was given a storyboard to place them in. I then wrote a short outline, using the images from the cubes.  Afterwards I set to work on the short story.

My eight year old son has used the ones I have been lent, voyages.  He rolls them, lines them up and tells us a story about them.  He does not write them down, yet, but this is a  great start. To me they are a great visual aid, I would recommend them to adults and children alike.

I have two dyselexic children, and they have both shown a interest in them.  Please tell me if you buy some, and share you creations with me.  If not, I can roll them, and add a pic of what comes up and you guys can go from there.  If I can work out how to do that...well that is all for today, back to editing I go.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Update and a book review

Morning all, editing is going well ,you will be pleased to hear.

I am also currently reading a book by Carolyn Ridder Aspen, called Unfinished Business, from her Angela Panther series.

So far I am loving the book.  I love how I feel connected to the characters, and can relate to the MC as she is a mother like myself.  Of course I do not have the gift that she has, but still I cannot wait to read the next chapter.  A real page turner.  I love the Ma character, and will say for those of you who love the show or any books on the same lines as ghost whisperer, you will love this book.

I have not finished the book as of yet, but I am over half way through, and just had to share this with you.

I will be in the near future, picking one book at a time to read, and review.  I will create a star system, for recommendation.  Link below if you already like the sound of this book, and if you do, please leave this author a review on amazon too.  I will be doing just that, once I have finished the book.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Snippet of opening chapter of my novel.

This is a small section of the prolouge of my novel Dream World.

I watch the cars pass by, weaving from lane to lane; one caught my eye, a blue van, weaving across each lane, causing cars to honk their horns. I could not believe the way the driver was driving. I watch it as it turns left at the end of the road and disappears from my view. This is so unlike my mother, being this late; I debate ringing home, but that meant leaving the meeting point and going back into the swimming pool’s entrance where the phone is. I decide to wait.

I begin counting red cars, a game my family often play on long journeys. After counting fifteen in a row, I am bored with the game, no fun on your own. This was beyond the joke, where was she? I stand once again; passer-by’s staring at me. I smile and continue to watch the traffic. Then I notice the same blue van. It switches lanes, again and then again. I shake my head; the driver of the car was all over the place.

I spot my mother’s car approaching me. I see her wave, and smile as our eyes lock. Then as if in slow motion, the most horrific scene plays out before my eyes. The van switches lanes once again, right into my mother’s path. The look on her face as she steps on the brakes shows on her face, but it’s too late, the car ploughs into the van at such speed she had no time to react. I watch in horror as my mother flies forward. I close my eyes, and crumble down to the floor, shielding my eyes not wanting to see the scene continue to play out. Hearing metal on metal, as screams fill the air. Its only then I realise it is me who is screaming. I remain in a heap on the floor and prise one eye open, not wanting to see. It’s as if time stands still; the sound of sirens fills the air. I open my other eye; watch people rush to the scene; I feel a hand help me up. Asking me if I am okay, if I am hurt? I shake my head, and stare at the two mangled vehicles, one of which is my mothers. This can’t be real. I’m daydreaming, aren’t I?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A long day, and it's not over yet

With every intention of getting some editing done today, as planned, things don't always go the way you expect.  After all I should be at work, but as my son has chicken pox, I am at home with him.  Apart from the odd spot here and there, he is his usual self.

So after clearing up the house, making lunch, and washing a few loads, I would have had at least a few hours to edit.  Sadly that was not the case, after the car failed its MOT, and trying to find the money to pay for it to be done.  I have barely had five minutes to switch the computer on.  Plus I had every intention to read a book I promised I would review once finished.  Which I will of course still do, but not as quickly as I would like, but I will get there, and that's another thing I plan to do, as well as writing.  Editing my own books, ready to be published.

I will read at least one book a month, and I will then sit and write a review, which I will post here and if downloaded from amazon, also on there.  I will be hoenst and I plan to use a star sytem for each book I read.  How that will exactly work, is yet to be decided.

Okay, so the first book will be read and reviewed as soon as I can.  Please feel free to share with me, books you have read, and reviews you have left.  If you have any recomendations, please feel free to share them with me.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Natural reader

Something some of you guys may already do, but if like me, you do not find reading out loud an easy task.  For me it's rare the children are not home, so I cannot always manage that.  However there is software out there for you to download, there are free versions which you can upgrade, but have to pay.

For now mine is free, and has actually helped me add comma's where I feel I may have missed them.  Made me realise I had named one of my characters Steven instead of Steve. Also since i changing it from third to first, caught a few she's I had missed.

Will add a link for those interested, let me know your thoughts on this.

Monday, 6 May 2013

A free programme for writing a novel

We have all heard of Scrivener, and what a fantastic programme this is, and I have looked at it and loved the thought of it.  However if like me, money is very tight, and with the price higher than I can afford I recalled a programme I discovered a few years back.  Due to laptop dying I had forgotten I had used it, and with a little bit of thought recalled the name.

Now it does not have all the bells and whistles of the above, but since its free, does it matter.  All you can do it try it, see what you think, if it does not work for you, well you have lost nothing.  On the hand, if it does, well you have gained everything.

Ywriter 5, is a tool that can be used to write any novel, and if like me, you like the sound of this, follow the link, try it out yourself.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Self-publishing your ebook

Well I have some news for you guys, after a good few years of working on my WIP YA book, I have been offered a contract with a publisher.  Which I have now accepted.

It will be out by Christmas, and my plans are to get the final edits done in time.

As you all know I had planned to self-publish, but with this offer, decided to take it.

I would like to share with you a link to a guide for the self-publishers, and for those who like me will be promoting there work as well as the publishing company.  This is a really useful guide, I will be referring to it over and over again I am sure.

Will keep you updated.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Editing WIP

Plans to edit during the half-term did not go as planned, as I decided to change the story to first person, things ended up out of order. Now I have set about re-arranging the outline and even went as far as working on a few parts for the second book, which follows straight on from book 1.

 Happy with the progress. Here is a little snippet of my WIP progress so far, I must say this story follows three MC's.

 Debbie Conway, almost 14, who loses her mother in a tragic accident and uses her dreams as a way to escape.

 Karen Langley, also 14 and Debbie's former best friend. Is now one of the most hated girls in the school, of course the girl has reasons, but she has a reputation to protect.

Lastly, we have Mark Hobson, also 14, an American, who is sent to the UK by his parents while they are on tour. Staying with his grandparents, hoping that being here in the UK he can escape living in the shadow of his cousin.

 Finally the snippet I promised....this is from the prologue.

Three days later, the death of my mother still does not feel real. I see constant flashes of the accident. It’s all my fault my mother’s dead. I know it is, no matter what my family tell me. I am to blame. If I did not need a lift home, Mum would still be alive. I swallow, as anger builds up inside me. I refuse to leave my room; I can’t do it. Have them all looking at me, with those eyes telling me they wish it had been me. They try to tell me I am not to blame, but I know they do; I blame me. I’ve not eaten since my father brought me home from the hospital, I can’t eat. My mouth feels dry; my stomach rumbles, but I cannot fill it. I do not deserve food.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sorry for the absence ...

It seems such a long time since I posted on here, and that is my fault, I have had lot's going on. With editing my WIP for publishing at the end of this year, I have had little time for much else. I will post the opening at some point and add snippets as time goes by of the other MC's. Today is a new day and I am hoping to continue forward in my journey.