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A snippet of my novel - Never been kissed

Hi guys, thought I would put a chapter up of my novel, Never been kissed, this is a Adult Romance.

Please let me know what you think, would you read more,and  if it was created into an ebook or fingers crossed a paper book, would it interest you?

Never been kissed - Adult Romance - Info - Gina, a woman with determination to succeed, she wants to stand on her own two feet, raise a child and give him the life she never had, but when a letter lands on her doormat, her old life comes back to haunt her.  A life she tried hard to forget, should she return one last time.  Would they welcome her with open arms?

I have a few more chapters posted on - if you would like to read more click on my link -

Chapter One
The letters landed with a thud on the mat, Gina heard the sound of footsteps on the wooden stairs. She raced her son to collect the post.
            Her dark brown hair flowed as she stooped down and picked up the letters. She scanned one after the other. They were mainly bills. Her fingers traced the one, which had gold lettering.
             “Any for me, Mum?”
            “Huh? No, sorry, love. She will write you soon, she's only been gone a few days.”
            “I know, just thought.” He narrowed his eyes and looked at his mother. Standing beside her he would soon tower over her. Gina could no longer pat him on the head like she had once done. His eyeshade matched hers perfectly and she knew he would have girls queuing up at the door. Even if he did have eyes for just one girl.
             Ben turned on his heel and headed back to his room. Gina loved her son more than anything. She had more than she could have ever dreamed of. She owned her own home, ran her own business and made more than enough money to take care of her family.
             Her own family disowned her many years ago and she vowed nothing would get her down. Love would keep her going. When Ben turned three, Gina decided she needed to turn her life around. She asked the bank for a loan, and they laughed in her face. How she became the woman she was now, had been all down to one person; Nigel. He became her best friend. He wanted nothing more than to see her succeed. When Ben started Nursery four mornings a week, she went to work part time for Nigel. He reminded her of her grandfather.   If he had been still alive she knew he would never disown her.
            Gina took the job of his secretary and even though she had no idea, what one did, she learnt fast. She dealt with everything which was thrown at her. One day Nigel was taken ill, a heart attack. She rushed to be by his side. To her he was family. Nigel told her to get her butt back to work. He had a house which needed to be looked at, and she had to be the one to do it. Everyone else was tied up in their work.
            Gina felt nervous; what happened if she agreed to buy the house and it was all wrong. She knew what he liked to buy and had seen Nigel's work. So she agreed.
            Gina rushed back home, changed into a pair of black trousers and a smart blouse. She wanted to make the right impression. Then she took her car, an old Ford Fiesta and parked it at the office. She then removed the keys for Nigel's Jaguar. She sat behind the wheel, breathing deeply. Gina started the engine and drove out of the car park. Fifteen minutes later she arrived at the large property.
            It needed a little work, she saw lots of potential, offered them ten thousand less than they were asking. The woman looked her up and down. A quick call to the owner, she smiled. Asked for five grand more, Gina shook her head and offered eight thousand less. The deal was soon done.
            Nigel recovered, arrived to see the property. He would have paid the full price; it would sell for double what he paid, once he worked his magic.
            Gina soon had a taste for what Nigel did, she wanted to buy her own and do it up, and then sell it for profit. She had seen a house worth doing, but the bank laughed at her. She explained her plans to Nigel; he smiled and agreed to lend her the money. This time she laughed, did he expect her to believe he would do that? He owned a business, which made good money. Why would he help her? Although help her he did.
            The money for the house sat in her bank and she felt excited. Ben, now a year older, started school full time. So now she had all day to make her plans work. Her first house cost her fifteen thousand at auction; she soon fixed it up, and hired the helpers which she could afford. The house looked perfect. She spent almost all the money making it ready for resale.
            A month later, the house went on the market at forty-thousand. The house sold within a week and she paid half the money back to Nigel and searched for another. She soon found one, and a week later she started work on the three bedroom house. It mainly needed a refurbish, which meant it would be a quick turnaround. Two weeks later the house was ready. Although she no longer worked for Nigel, she still spent time with him. Nigel was her family, and to Ben; he was the closest man to having a grandfather. He loved him; Gina knew the love was returned.
            Gina soon paid back all the money she owed; he would not accept a penny more than she borrowed. She now had cash in the bank and enough to buy herself a small one-bed flat. To own a property became a dream, one day she would have a house, she set herself the goal.
 Nigel became poorly once again, and could no longer work his magic. He had to sell his business, many offers came in and he could have snapped every one of them up. Yet he didn't, he offered the business at a fair price to Gina. So shocked and saddened at the same time, Gina was unsure what to do. She wanted to have the business as her own, yet she did not have the cash he asked for. She saw the business slipping through her fingers.
            A few days later Gina sat by his bed in the hospital. The business still not sold.
            “I want you to have the business when I am gone,” he said.
            “You can't do that, I will not allow it.”
            “Gina, you’re the daughter I never had. I wanted to leave it to you, but I knew you would never allow that. So-” He began to cough. He then controlled himself and continued. “I decided that you will have the business, and the only way I see you doing it, is if you buy it.”
            “But-” she had begun.
            “Listen this is the deal, you will have my business and make it your own, and yes you will buy it. As all the money I make from it will go to Ben. He inherits all my money. Don't look at me like that, you have no say. My will states you will open up account in Ben's name and pay in the cash price I asked for.”
            “I don't have enough, I-”
            Nigel raised his hand and silenced her.
            “It may take a little while to make the cash to the price I asked for, but I know you can do it. Everything is set to go, all you need to do, is open an account, and the deal is done. I don't have long left, Gina. Please, this is my dying wish. I cannot take it with me.”
            Gina sat by his side for over two hours and cried silently as he closed his eyes. Nigel fell asleep, but he never woke again.
            Gina kept her promise. Within three months she bought and renovated house after house. She soon began to repay the money she owed. Ben would be a wealthy lad when he turned twenty-one. She vowed he would not have the money until then.
            Five years later, her business boomed, she bought and sold more than five properties a month. Two were always a quick turnaround, the others needed more attention. She waved her magic over them, transformed them. Then sold them for double the price she paid for them. One afternoon after a drive through the country, Gina spotted a house she knew she had to have. But this would never be sold. Three years ago she had moved out of the one bed flat into a three-bed semi, after fixing it up. Now the house she would live in for the rest of her life sat upon acres of land waiting for her to buy.
            She made the call, set up a viewing for that day. After a quick tour, Gina made an offer which was accepted.
            Now, at thirty, she lived in the house and continued to work buying and selling. Now when the bank called her to ask if she needed a loan, she would laugh at them. People stated she had more money than the bank and people came to her for a loan.
 Gina never lent anyone money. She never wanted to be in the situation like the loan sharks. Her friends were more than welcome to ask for cash, she was generous and donated money every month. Her staff were well paid and worked hard for her. Gina loved her life.   Now standing in her designer kitchen, Gina flipped the switch on the kettle. While she waited she opened the letter with the gold words. She took a deep breath and saw a sight which made her feel like she had once over fifteen years ago. The name of her school printed in large letters with the logo above it, brought back many memories. Gina closed her eyes,
            'Gina sat at the desk in the math room with her friends. He sat in front of her and she watched him as she always did. She wanted him so bad. He never noticed her once. She asked herself time and time again what was wrong with her. The other girls all had boyfriends and were happy to tell anyone who was listening that they had indeed done 'it'. Gina a shy young girl wrote in her diary day after day, her secret of wanting him there in black and white.'
            The sound of the kettle brought her back to the present. She remembered her diary; she knew she no longer had it. In a way she wished she had, on the other hand she knew burning it had been the right thing to do. Her old life went up in flames when she burnt her diaries.
            The door opened, a woman a few years older than Gina burst in carrying bags of shopping.
            “Jenny, you should have called, I would have helped you.”
            “No problem, Gina. Besides there are more in the car, if you want to help.”
            “I will do. I'll make you a tea first, looks like you shopped till you dropped.”
            “Yeah, your Ben sure can eat.”
            Gina nodded, as she poured a tea for Jenny. “He can.”
            Together the two women headed to the car and carried in more loads. As they approached the house, Ben met them at the door.
            “Need a hand?” he asked.
            Gina smiled, the bags weighed a ton, and altogether there were around ten bags. Ben placed the last one on the floor. Ben tilted his head and smiled. Then he opened his mouth to speak.
            “Yes, Ben. I got everything you asked for.”
            “Ben, what did you ask for?” his mother asked.
            “Not much, Mum. You did say I could have it.   I asked Jenny to get it for me,” he said as he leaned on the worktop.
            “Okay, but next time you run things by me. I say if and when you get things young man. You may be as tall as me, but I am still your mother and I will whip your butt.”
            “Sorry, Mum.”
            Jenny handed Ben the new computer game he asked for and left for his room.
            Gina sat down on the stool at the breakfast bar as she watched Jenny unpack the shopping. She loved Saturdays as she would stay at home and spend time with her son. Although now he had his new game she would have to prize him out of his room.
            Not that she minded, Ben was a straight A student. She would take him out for the whole day tomorrow; besides later that night she had dinner plans. She invited her staff over for a meeting which she did once a month. Where she would have a buffet laid on for them, a short meeting then they would party. The meetings were once about work. Now they were so they could get together and have a great time. The staff ranged from her builders to her cook. Although her cook, Jenny prepared all the food, with two hired in help, she too would party with the others.
            The letter forgotten, Gina made her way to her room, as the two young girls, Jenny hired arrived.
            The door to her double bedroom clicked shut; she moved her head side to side and yawned. She would need a nap before her guests arrived, her parties usually ended in the early hours. The music always grew louder as the night went on. Lucky for her, she had no nearby neighbours as the house sat on fifteen acres of land.

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