Thursday, 1 March 2012

My books

First of, hi everyone my name is Sarah, I am a mother of four, and I write mainly Romance stories.  For many years I wrote teen romance only.  Now I have ventured into Adult Romance and Erotica.

I am currently working on a few novels and for now these can be found for free on a site called

Dream World - YA - Info - Debbie Conway, 13 years old, loses her mother in a tragic accident.  She uses her dreams as a way to escape, in the arms of Joshua, the guy from the poster above her bed.  Luckily, she has her best friend to keep her grounded.

Karen Langley, her former best friend, is now is the school bully.  You will either love her or hate her.

Lastly, you will meet Mark Hobson, who arrives in the UK from America.  He will be staying with his grandparents while his parents are on tour.  Will this be his time to shine?

Push - YA -Info -  Brianna discovers she is pregnant, but only as she goes into labour….

Never been kissed - Adult Romance - Info - Gina, a woman with determination to succeed, she wants to stand on her own two feet, raise a child and give him the life she never had, but when a letter lands on her doormat, her old life comes back to haunt her.  A life she tried hard to forget, should she return one last time.  Would they welcome her with open arms?

Marriage Proposal - Erotica - Info -Twenty-seven year old Zoe Burns decides to take life into her own hands.  Everyone around her was settling down and starting a family.  Her sister, Tina, gave birth three months ago, and her brother’s girlfriend, Katie eight weeks before, and even her best friend, Darcy was due any day.  She was broody, and with no man by her side, she made a decision.  She wanted to me mother, and she had only one option.  She needed a donor but which route should she take? A friend, one night stand or use a clinic?

These are the four books I am currently editing and hoping to have complete to either send to a publisher/agent or create ebooks.  I am on the fence, but will be published one way or another.

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