Sunday, 11 March 2012

Just to say hi....

Well hello guys, I have had a busy past few days, finally sitting down to check out my blog.  So hi  to all those who stop by, please feel free to say hi and tell me a little about yourself and what you like to read, write or both.

I spent my entire day off editing my new novel, and it will need a forth, that's what I get for trying to do it one sitting.

Q 1 - How many hours a day do write a day?
Q 2 - What genre do you read/write?
Q 3 - How long have you been writing?
Q 4 - Are you published?
Q5 - What made you realise you loved to write?

A 1 - I usually spend at least two hours a day, more if I can fit it in.
A 2 - I write romance, adult, YA and Erotica, and read all these too. Plus I love thrillers and mystery.  Not  a huge fan of fantasy, yet.
A 3 - I began when I was a teenager, but due to work, having children and raising my family it was placed on the back burner.  Until six years ago, when the bug hit me again, and I have not looked back since.
A 4 - No.  I wish, it's my goal, one way or another.
A 5 - It had to be when I was 16, after I read so many books, I decided I could do it too, and my love of writing began.

Please feel free to answer my questions too, would love to know a little about my readers.....


  1. 1. I try to get at least two hours of writing also.
    2. All kinds really but I love erotica.
    3. I have been writing for a long time..But just recently started to write again.
    4. no..hope to be someday :)
    5. there was so much going on in my mind that when I started writing things down I could see a story starting on paper from just notes..I started to love to write...Then I started having a family and slowed down but I am back at it and doing

    1. Thanks Kimmy, that is really cool, and writing is something you can say is my passion too.